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021 - Oh My Gosh (with Taylor Griffiths)

Mrs Maggie Gosh charms everyone during her stay at the Quest Inn. Guest starring Taylor Griffiths as Mrs Maggie Gosh.

020 - A Round Of Applause (with Andy Balloch)

The arrival of former Quest Inn employee Measles the Weasel (whose picture is on the easel) raises more questions than answers. Guest Starring Andy Balloch as Measles.

019 - Are We Still On Probation? (with Lukas Quinn)

Employment hangs in the balance when Adric the Helien returns to assess the team's progress.   Guest starring Lukas Quinn as Adric.

018 - Something's Gone Horribly Wrong (with Pedro Cooray)

14-year-old android Jeffy wants to buy a quest but the team are reluctant to make the sale to a minor.   Guest starring Pedro Cooray as Jeffy.

017 - People With Scars Aren't Nerds

Bocky and Katherine meet a future version of Chase, who's come to the Quest Inn to exact revenge on his past self.

016 - Heavier Than Grilled Onions (with Becky Swannick)

Mary-Jane the frankfurter arrives at the Quest Inn looking for her Bun-bun.   Guest starring Becky Swannick as Mary-Jane.

015 - Maybe We Should Unpack That (with Zoe Gough)

Katherine calls a psychiatrist in to help Bocky with his daddy issues. Guest starring Zoe Gough as Dr Libby Phil.

014 - Like A Damn Avalanche (with Davis Murphy)

Smooth-talking entrepreneur Woodrow Backers stops by the Quest Inn to initiate a business opportunity. Guest starring Davis Murphy as Woodrow Backers the space-cow boy.

013 - Shall We Talk About The Feathers Then (with Luca Kiarato)

Sparks fly when Bocky's plans of clearing the garden to make way for his own personal hen-house rubs Fedro up the wrong way.   Guest starring Luca Kiarato as Fedro.

012 - Death Rays Are Not The Way (with David Todman)

Franklin Delano Roostervelt, the identical clone of Bocky's creator, turns up with bad news.   Guest starring David Todman as Franklin Delano Roostervelt.

011 - I'm Game If You're Game (with Zach Navarre)

Christopher the Conceptual Pigeon turns up at the Quest Inn to find out how his old college buddy Bocky has been getting on.   Guest starring Zach Navarre as Christopher the conceptual pigeon.

010 - We're Very Proud (with Simon Hawkings)

Cedric the dwarf returns to collect his reward, and after months of waiting for this day, Katherine is not sure what to expect. Guest starring Simon Hawkings as Cedric.

009 - Have We Met Before? (with Millie Holten)

Former Detective Susan Sarandon wants a low-key quest to distract herself from a mundane family life and puts the heat on Bocky and Chase for their criminal pasts.   Guest Starring Millie Holten as Dt. Susan Sarandon.

008 - I'm Dancin'! (with Tom Burton)

Down on his luck, tricky fox Mickle Mantel makes an appearance at the Quest Inn. Having crossed both Chase and Katherine in the past, will they be willing to help out an old friend?   Guest starring Tom Burton as Mickle Mantel.

007 - Tell Him I Quit

After the investigation Chase, Bocky and Katherine are desperate to make some sales and, against better judgement, allow a group of trolls to stay at the Quest Inn for a three-day conference.

006 - There Are Repercussions (with Lukas Quinn)

Adric the Helien investigate the Quest Inn employees over the induction incident. This might be serious if anyone could remember what it is they've done.   Guest starring Lukas Quinn as Adric.

005 - You Gotta Do You (with Caitlyn Staples)

No one is prepared for the arrival of Katherine's old friend Cecily the jewel thief, who shakes things up when she comes to the Quest Inn looking for Measles the Weasel. Guest starring Caitlyn Staples as Cecily.

004 - It's Not Complicated, It's Simple! (with Stephanie Teitelbaum)

When Box Fleecey turns up looking for work at the Quest Inn, Chase and Katherine take it upon themselves to figure this criminal mastermind out. Bocky, meanwhile, has other ideas. Guest starring Stephanie Teitelbaum as Box Fleecey the Rubik's Cube.

003 - There's Nothing That Grounds Us (with Luca Kiarato)

Exploring the Quest Inn, Chase discovers a gnome in the garden. Guest starring Luca Kiarato as Fedro the Gnome.

002 - A Professional Moment (with Simon Hawkings)

Cedric the dwarf is on holiday and has no intention of taking on a quest, but Chase and the crew have other ideas. Guest starring Simon Hawkings as Cedric the Dwarf.

001 - The First Day

Chase Quarterly, Katherine Wilder and Bocky the Idea Rooster commence their first day of work at the Quest Inn and soon discover that they are all missing the same specific memories.

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